VENN HUMAN RESOURCES AND PAYROLL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM covers end to end requisites for managing Human Resources from leaves, benefits, loans and other matrix. Configuration of user management is highly flexible thus resulting to a secured and defined user access. Analytics and business intelligence is embedded in the system giving you instant metrics at your fingertips.


Employee Profile Digital Database includes:
  • Employment History
  • Bank Account
  • Statutory Government Identification Number for Employees
  • Certificate Uploading
  • Loan Application
  • Loan Grant
  • Loan Report
  • Loan Payment Terms
Reflects the following regarding the employee:
  • Identification Number
  • Government Membership Numbers
  • Loan Deduction and Details
  • Sick and Vacation Leave Availed and Balances
  • Payroll Period
User can set-up the following:
  • Specific Type of Deduction or Benefit
  • Types of Benefit or Deduction for a Specific Payroll Period or Pay Schedule
  • Leave Types Set-up
  • Leave Reports
  • Creation and Assignment of Shift Codes and Time
  • Rest Day Assignment
  • Uploading and Downloading Functionality (Biometrics to System and Vice Versa)
  • Overtime Creation and Approval
  • Overtime Report (Hours Rendered and Cost)
  • Data Correlation for Payroll
  • 13th Month Computation
  • BIR Reports and Forms Generation
  • Payroll Registry Reports
  • Payroll Documents