LOCAL GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (LGIS), a management information system equipped with business intelligence tools built to support local government units to improve records management, increase collection in a cost effective manner. Our system allows you to respond to the information that is important to you. Computerization of government transactions will improve quality service to clients and taxpayers. It improves efficiency and access to reliable information, maximizing the capacity of government personnel.




For the General Collection, Payment and Receipt of Taxes from Businesses, Real Property and Other Economic Activities.
  1. Collection of Taxes and Miscellaneous Payments
  2. Generation of Reports required by the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF)
  3. System Generated Reports (Tax Clearance Certificates and Tax Delinquency)
For the storage and maintenance of Business Permits and Licensing details including its assessments, payments and other information.
  1. Computation and Production of Permits
  2. System Generated Reports
For Real Property Administration and Tax Operations including storage and maintenance of its appraisal and assessment records as well as value computation.
  1. Computation and Recognition of Real Property Tax (RPT) and Other Duties
  2. Functionalities such as Property Numbering System
  3. Transactional Functionalities
For Maintenance, Identification and Assessment for the Wet and Dry Market Operation under the Local Government.
  1. Recognition of Market Spaces and Tenants
  2. System Generated Reports and Forms