Wireless communication has changed how people can communicate regardless of the location of the information. It offer businesses more flexible and inexpensive ways to send and receive data.

firetideFIRETIDE is the leading provider of multi-service mesh networks for industrial and municipal applications. Firetide provides a secure, high performance wireless mesh infrastructure and access solution for video surveillance, Internet access, public safety networks, and temporary networks wherever rapid deployment, mobility, and ease of installation are required.

Firetide product portfolio enables building a high capacity wireless network that is comparable in performance and reliability to a fiber. Firetide Mesh product line, HotPort® series, form the core of the product offering enabling customers to create a mesh, PTP or PTMP topology over wireless. Firetide product line also include the HotPoint® wireless access point series providing cost effective access solution to complement its mesh backhaul products, an intuitive network management product HotView Pro™. To address the growing needs of mobile connectivity, Firetide provides wireless mobility service via a mobility controller appliance.

The biggest advantage of Firetide over its competitors is its advanced wireless technology that powers all its product – AutoMesh™. The benefits of an AutoMesh powered wireless network include:

  • Ability to backhaul multi applications over a single network namely video, voice and data.
  • Superior performance (high throughput, reliability and low latency) than other wireless technologies.
  • Superior scalability without any degradation in performance.
  • Lower cost of ownership and rapid deployment compared to fiber.
  • Mobility at high speeds while maintaining Fiber like performance.