Biometric technology is a safe and non-invasive method to verify an individual’s identity. Although there are several types of biometric technology available, fingerprint scanning is the established industry leader. A person’s fingerprint is unique; it can’t be replicated and doesn’t change with age.


peoplekeyPeopleKey finger scanner is at the forefront of biometric technology. Its rugged design, integrated tamper switches and scratch-proof, no-maintenance fingerprint sensor make the reader ideally suited to both time and attendance and access control applications.

PeopleKey is an industry leader in terms of both innovation and value. We manufacture our own biometric scanners, develop our software in-house, and provide remarkable support to our partners and customers. Our commitment to customer service is a major reason why so many government and commercial organisations look to PeopleKey for their biometric technology needs.

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance solutions are an effective way to track costs and manage workforce assets. PeopleKey has a powerful time and attendance solution called JetStream, which is tightly integrated with the V90 and V30 finger prints canners.The system can also track break times and ensure that employees are only paid for the hours they work. There is no opportunity for fraudulent time claims because each employee’s fingerprint is scanned and matched to verify attendance. When hours of work are confirmed, the system calculates their wages and passes the information to payroll.

Access Control

Biometric access control is one of the most effective methods to manage access to restricted areas. The PeopleKey biometric access control solution scans a fingerprint and converts it to an encrypted mathematical representation of the fingerprint called a template. Biometric access control provides the ultimate in key-less security by ensuring that access to particular areas can be restricted to specific times of the day, days of the week, individual employees or groups of employees.

Student Attendance

The PeopleKey Student Attendance Tracking Solution streamlines the process by removing the need for paper-based attendance sheets and allowing teachers more valuable time to focus on their students.