About our Strategic Business Partner

DIGIFORT is specifically-designed for surveillance, storage and administration of digital and analog cameras. The Digifort System presents the new concept of Digital Governance which completely changes the way in which companies and small businesses perform in the area of physical security and personal safety.

Digifort products are carefully developed with the most advanced forward thinking technology with the purpose of offering best in market quality and most importantly a stable platform, which offers a variety of customized features allowing for the most diversified types of applications.

Benefits of Digifort products:

  • Reliable, Powerful and Easy to use
  • Multi Monitor Support
  • Camera Brands Supported
  • Create your own view screen
  • Left/Right side GUI controls
  • SYNC Playback / Motion Search
  • Digifort Media Player
  • Storage Estimator based on the scene
  • Apply setting to many camera using right-click options
  • Video Analytics
  • Easily create your custom maps
  • Server Statistics
  • Integrated Web Server
  • PTZ Control
  • PTZ Patrols via Digifort
  • Event Triggering
  • Event Scheduling